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Spiral Stair Anatomy

Spiral Stair Anatomy

Spiral stair kits consist of a center pole that runs up the center of the staircase.  The stair risers and treads are spaced around this center pole support.  After the treads are in place, the newels, balusters, and stair railing are attached. 

Knowing the spiral stair anatomy will help you make choices for the design and style of stair you want.  The photo at the right will show you the names of the different parts of the stair. 
The supporting posts of the handrail, often made of wood or iron.

The horizontal rail that provides stability and support when walking on the staircase.

The upright posts that stabilize the start and end of the railing.

The vertical boards that are between the stairway treads.

The horizontal steps you walk on when climbing or descending the staircase.  They are commonly made of wood, but can be made of metal gratings, or covered with carpet.

The uppermost section of the spiral staircase that attaches to the balcony.
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