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Sierra Stair Works, Inc.

Custom Wood Staircases & Spiral Stairs  

Exterior Stair Railings and Components

Redwood Outdoor Stair Railing 

Living green.  Choosing real wood over composites.  Read our list of tips on Facebook.

Part Supply for Your Deck Stair Railing Project

Many of our customers approach us with desires to custom remodel their outside decks. With many people leaning towards environmental alternativesin their lifestyles, Sierra Stair Works makes it a priority to offer renewable redwood and cedar
outdoor stair railings in favor of composite materials. Our components are versatile and easy to use for your deck stair railing installation work.

When it comes to the exterior stair railing for your deck, you will want a long-lasting material that will endure for as long as up to 20 years, while looking stylish. Redwood is one of the best materials for outdoor construction projects because it lasts for years and exudes natural beauty.A redwood exterior stair rail is a good choice because it is less likely to warp, split, cup or check unlike other materials.

Cedar Outdoor Stair Railings

Western red cedar also has its advantages for deck stair railing projects. For instance, it is water-resistant, and resilient against decay and insects.The wood has an elegant look that is aesthetically pleasing on the whole.If you decide to use cedar, your exterior stair rail will be able to stay upright, retain fasteners, and provide a stable foundation for different varieties of stains or paints. 

More Information on Your Exterior Stair Railing

If you would like more information or a price quote on components for your deck stair railing structure, please feel free to contact us at 916-652-2800 or visit our expansive showroom located at 3432 Swetzer Road, Ste H, Loomis, CA.

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