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Custom Wood Staircases & Spiral Stairs  

Choosing a Spiral Stair

Why Install a Spiral Stair?

    Spiral staircases are an option when the space available for a standard stair layout is limited.  However, installing a spiral staircase in a room can add a beautiful yet functional focal point to your home decor.  Spiral staircases can be used to reach a second floor loft, access an attic, or an exterior deck.

    Building a spiral stair is not as complicated as you may think.  While most people choose to have their spiral stair installed by a professional, there are quality pre-built and knock-down stair kits available that the average do-it-yourself homeowner, with basic construction skills, should be able to install.  These kits are also more economical and affordable than building a stair from scratch.  Spiral stair kits are manufactured in hardwoods, aluminum, steel, or a combination of materials.

    Choosing a spiral stair design relies primarily on your taste, style and home.  Most wood spiral stairs are available in red oak, maple, cherry, birch, alder and other species.  In addition, there are a wide range of baluster styles to compliment any interior design.  
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